Chaminade Finishers:
Women:  5 Km
181.  Elizabeth Texeira
202.  Leilani Kaluhiokalani-Myers
219.  Denise Anders
220.  Maromi Abe
297.  Karen Kubasak
303.  Bonyen Thomas

Men:  8 Km
193.  Jeff Lim
240.  Frank Dabrosky
246.  Clint Imholte
276.  Hanson Hsu
307.  Andrew Williams
347.  Joey Becera
350.  Thomas Callaghan

Recap: In Salem, Oregon; the Chaminade cross-country team battled the most schools in a single race in the "largest cross-country race" on the West coast.  There were over 1,000 entrants in attendance.  The meet was so large that the organizers were forced to make four races instead of the usual two.  The first race featured open and NCAA division I teams, while the following race featured all other smaller division.  This was originally what the Willamette Invitational was made for.

The women's team was led by Elizabeth Texeira with a PR of 20:17 in the 5 km race.  Leilani Kaluhiokalani-Myers followed close behind in another PR of 20:37.  Then Denise Anders ran a season best of 21:01 since coming back from an IT band injury.  Maromi Abe came in at 21:05, Karen Kubasak in 24:09 and Bonyen Thomas in 24:40 rounded out the team.

The men's team provided a bunch of PR in this young group of runners.  Jeff Lim led the team in a PR of 27:19.  Frank Dabrosky followed in 27:55 (25 secs. short of his PR), then Clint Imholte in a PR of 28:00, Hanson Hsu in a PR of 28:30, Andrew Williams in a PR of 29:18, Joey Becera in a PR of 30:36 and Thomas Callaghan in a PR of 30:55 rounded out the team.  This may be the first time in Chaminade history that seven runners on the same team ran a sub 31:00 minute 8 km time.

Next meet, the HPU Invitational on the HPU-Hawaii Loa Campus course.  This is a grueling course with big hills, sharp turns and many changes in surface throughout the course.  It will be a challenge for the Chaminade harriers.